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Are you an aspiring film critic? A creative writer with a passion for cinema? Then why not write for us?

Our Aim
To publish intelligent, thoughtful and well-written pieces on international cinema and film culture by exceptional writers from all four corners of the globe.

What we’re looking for
We want original, interesting articles on world cinema. Whether it’s applying feminist theory to Trouble Every Day, discussing the virtues of Paul Verhoeven’s Dutch films or analysing the performance of Nadine Nortier in Mouchette, we’d like to hear from you.

If you can enlighten us on Russian westerns, make us pop and fizz about your enthusiasm for a long-forgotten Australian drama, or guide us through the best and worst Peruvian horror films, drop us an email.

What we accept
Essays, articles and reviews on the culture, theory and history of film.

Be original. Be creative. Tell us why you think Orson Welles is overrated or give us an insight into North Korean cinema. As long as you demonstrate talent and passion for writing about film we’re certainly interested in publishing it.

We believe in quality over quantity so we set a relatively high standard here at KotG. We aim to deliver the very best writers we can with an emphasis on intriguing, readable content, and accept only a very high quality of work.

Unfortunately, we can’t pay for contributions – Kubrick on the Guillotine really is a labour of love – but if you’re a talented writer aiming to raise your profile, or you simply love writing about film and want to be featured on an established world cinema site then we’re more than happy to have you onboard. Your words would be read by more than 10,000 people a month and our contributors have gone on to write for other publications based on what they’ve written here.

What we don’t want
We don’t really want to read a review praising The Godfather or an another attack on Showgirls. People can read this sort of thing in Empire or Total Film magazine and we don’t aim to be anything like those publications. However, if you can persuade us why Showgirls belongs in the pantheon of misjudged masterpieces then we’ll consider publishing it.

Got an idea for a piece?
To submit an essay, review or article to Kubrick on the Guillotine get in touch by emailing us at hello@kubrickontheguillotine.com or using the form below.

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