Sheffield Doc/Fest 2014: Celebrating Intellectual Pursuits

For over two decades, socially conscious documentary, event cinema and a whole lot of partying coalesce annually at Steel City’s Sheffield Doc/Fest. A showcase for the coming year’s most important documentaries (The Stuart Hall Project, Blackfish and Joshua Oppenhiemer’s remarkable The Act of Killing all screened at last year’s festival), Sheffield Doc/Fest sets the tone for factual film programming … Continue reading

On sound and silence in Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin

Eloise Ross looks at the use of sound in Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin. “The soundtrack invented silence.” – Robert Bresson Under the Skin begins in darkness, and in silence. Gradually, as lights shine fitfully, beginning to arrange the outline of an eye, otherworldly noises come into the fray. Synthesizers hum, strings scrape and lacerate. Using audio … Continue reading

Prisons of the Body, Prisons of the Soul: Mervyn LeRoy’s I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang

Rebecca Gillie explores the agonies of the body in the final instalment of our Prisons of the Body, Prisons of the Soul series. One of the first ever ‘prison movies’, Mervyn LeRoy’s I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang is a 1932 pre-code Warner Bros potboiler starring Paul Muni as James Allen, a wrongly accused man sentenced to … Continue reading

Prisons of the Body, Prisons of the Soul: The Prison of Postmortem Self in 21st Century Fantasy

Matthew Monagle looks at the prison of purgatory for our Prisons of the Body, Prisons of the Soul series. While we often think of ‘prison’ as a constraint placed on our physical form, the last decade has seen a number of films that choose to take a metaphysical approach to incarceration. These movies play with the concepts of … Continue reading