Lost Cinemas of Bristol

As cinephiles, it’s always a tragedy when we lose one of our film houses, particularly the ones that recall our most precious film memories. However, the many picturehouses and cinemas that have closed down due to poor sales, lack of funding and shopping centre redevelopment projects, are still with us in the photographs of the architecture enthusiasts … Continue reading

Derelict Cinemas and Theatres by Adam Slater

Since 2008, Adam Slater has been on a quest to photograph Britain’s abandoned and derelict cinemas and theatres before they are gone for good. Below are some examples from his astonishing set of beautiful yet grotesque ruins, which you can see in full on his flickr page. His blog, Reality Trip, features more fantastic photographs … Continue reading

Lost Highway by Daniel Nyari

We all love a bit of David Lynch and we were delighted when Daniel Nyari, the Romanian-born, Austrian-raised, New York-based graphic artistic sent us this lovely set of Lost Highway illustrations. A big David Lynch fan, he’s also designed some prints for Lynch’s Twin Peaks, as well as a set of the current Germany national … Continue reading